The History of the VVNA

In the early days of our neighborhood, you could head west on Valley View Lane and cross White Rock Creek and Valley View Park by way of an iron bridge with wooden planks. Peyton Drive was a country lane connecting Richardson to North Dallas. Mr. Theodore Heady operated a horse barn and riding stables on the site of The Covenant School (also formerly the old Lambert's nursery property) on Valley View Lane. There was a small shopping center at the IH635/US75 interchange and Henry Stuart Airport was located in the area of Park Central Drive. 

Notable dates include:
  • 1965 - Lambert's Nursery purchased the 18 acre Heady Property
  • 1966 - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Inge donated a large tract of land bordering Valley View Lane to the City of Dallas for use as a park. 
  • 1969 - Valley View Park officially opens
  • 1970 - LBJ Freeway was completed
  • 1976 - The Valley View Homeowner's Association adopted its' first by-laws and members elected a president and 7 member board
  • 1983 - Zoning activity picks up as development along LBJ increases. The VVHA was an early, strong voice at City Hall for the neighborhood
  • 1985 - The VVNA and the City of Dallas negotiated a unique recycling program to fund playground equipment and improvements to Valley View Park. 
  • 1986 - The VVHA succeeded in reducing zoned square footage on the Lambert Nursery property from 1.2 million sq. feet for commercial to 400,000.
  • 1987 - First Annual VVHA picnic at Valley View Park
  • 1988 - The Bobbie Biggart Memorial Garden was planted with donations from Lambert's in recognition of her work as president during the 1986 zoning negotiations between the City of Dallas and the developer. The garden is at the west entrance to Valley View Park.
  • 1989 - VVHA established the neighborhood Crime Watch
  • 1996 - Construction of the playground at Valley View Park was started with the recycling program funds
  • 1997 - City bonds paid for a new parking area and cement path to the playground
  • 2000 - VIP (Volunteers in Patrol) was established
  • 2002 - Beautification efforts emphasized with Garden Home of the Month, regular landscape median maintenance and a marker at Hillcrest and Alpha
  • 2003 - VVHA approved a revised set of bylaws, as the Valley View Neighborhood Association
  • 2005 - the VVNA entered negotiations with The Covenant School for development of the old Lambert Nursery property
  • 2019 - The VVNA worked with City of Dallas' Momentum Program to irrigate the marker at Hillcrest and Alpha, install more security lighting in Valley View Park, installing irrigation in Valley Park to support the planting of 50 new trees
  • 2019 - The VVNA negotiated with and approved The Covenant School's requested addition of lights and a sound system
  • 2020 - The VVNA negotiated an updated special use permit for the move of Coram Deo Academy to Temple Shalom. 

Throughout the years, the VVNA has had various programs for members including publishing a VVNA directory, a newsletter, the Block Captain program, a Women's Club, a Book Club, Play groups, supporting Spring Valley Elementary, etc. 

The association has received generous help through the years from so many individuals and organizations.

For a more complete history of the the neighborhood, please see the VVHA History in documents.